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At the same time, we have answered all the details you want to know about hair transplantation for you ...

What are the ways of hair transplant? Which is the most efficient?

There are two different ways of hair transplantation: FUT (follicular unit transplant) and FUE (follicular unit extraction). The most efficient and used method in hair transplantation is FUE because it is currently the most advanced technology in its field.

What is the FUE method?

FUE (Follicular unit extraction or Follicular transfer) method is the transplantation of hair follicles (grafts) from bilateral auricular areas and parietal scalp to bald or diluted areas of the hair one by one by micro-motor.

What is a graft? How is it calculated?

A graft contains a hair follicle found in single, double or multiple follicles. All of these are called grafts. After the number of grafts to be transplanted is determined, this number is multiplied by 2.5 and the average number of hair to be transplanted is calculated.

Why FUE method?

No visible scars after FUE surgery

No postoperative pain

• The patient can return to his normal life more easily

Using the FUE technique, any number of grafts can be collected and planted.

• Since the structure of the donor area is not affected, 2 or 3 sessions can be performed.

• There is no need to stay in the hospital in the postoperative period for FUE surgery to be preferred more.

How long does a hair transplant take on average?

The duration of hair transplant depends on the size of the transplanted area; If done by a team of experts, it will take about 4-8 hours. After the transplant, the patient follows the follow-up procedure for two more days and is then discharged.

How many sessions do you need to perform to get results?

A single session is usually sufficient for hair transplantat, but the number of sessions will be determined for the area to be transplanted depending on the quality of the hair in the donor area. If one session is not enough, it is possible to transplant six months after the first surgery.

When does the transplanted hair start to grow?

Transplanted hair follicles begin to grow new hair at the end of the third month; 60% of the hair follicles are active at the end of the 6th month, 70% at the 7th month and 100% at the end of the 12th month.

Is there a risk of hair loss?

No, it will not shed because the transplanted hair does not have a gene prone to shedding.

How is the cost of hair transplantation determined?

In hair transplant operations, the size of the hair loss area, the number of roots to be transplanted, the number of sessions, the condition of the hair in the donor area are important factors in determining the cost.

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